Welcome to your new life. Hope you survive

This is the campaign homepage for Perchance to Dream, the name I have finally chosen for our Changeling game. Yes, the name I gave you before was a placeholder.

I invite you all to look around, poke at and add things as you will – after all, this campaign is ultimately for the lot of you. You can add character notes, wiki pages, and all sorts of other things.

And, in fact, I am going to reward the lot of you for helping me to keep this updated! Every session, I’m going to ask for a volunteer to take notes and add them to the Adventure Log and, whoever does it, gets a bonus point of experience. Not bad, eh? I’m giving you lot the chance to make this campaign truly yours and, as a result, I hope you enjoy putting the effort forth as much as I enjoy running for you. After all, what’s the use in running a game if the players aren’t into it?

I also have an ulterior motive with this: this home page gives us the ability to avoid the pratfalls we’ve thus far run into, pratfalls every game runs into: missed sessions. By keeping a log of what’s happened recently, we can all stay up to date on what’s been going on, no matter who’s missed – even if I miss. And, in the event that I miss a session, it gives us the ability to work out a good time for a make-up session, assuming there is one. So please, join in, take part, and enjoy the ride.

Perchance to Dream

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