King Queen Jackie Snow


King Queen Jackie Snow is a transsexual, born a man but believing her destiny was always to be a woman. She hasn’t had gender reassignment surgery, though rumors swirl that she was taken by the Others while waiting numb on the operating table. As an Elemental Snowskin, Jackie’s skin sparkles like sun gleaming on ice crystals. Jackie is a study in contrasts: passionate but cold. Male parts but a female demeanor (and demands to be referred to as a “she,” not a “he”).

She seems to have a bit of the social butterfly and there aren’t many people she isn’t cheerful with, seemingly happy with almost everyone at the freehold. Sometimes though, when she’s overtaken by dark emotions, she lets fly hurtful, unforgettable things as though they were a scourge to flay the skin from your bones.

King Queen Jackie Snow is a staunch supporter of the Saints for their assistance in completing the Children’s Contract.

King Queen Jackie Snow

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