Jason Spectre

Jason is quiet, brooding, and distant. Despite this he is still a loyal friend who always has his motley's backs.

Virtue Fortitude Vice Envy
Seeming Darkling Kith Antiquarian
Court Spring Motley The Saints


Intelligence 4 Strength 1 Presence 1
Wits 3 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 1
Resolve 3 Stamina 3 Composure 3


Mental Physical Social
Academics Antiques 4 Athletics Running 2 Animal Ken 0
Computer 1 Brawl 0 Empathy 2
Crafts 0 Drive 0 Expression 0
Investigation Finding People 4 Firearms 1 Intimidation 0
Medicine 0 Larceny 1 Persuasion 0
Occult 2 Stealth Shadows 3 Socialize 0
Politics 0 Survival 0 Streetwise 2
Science 0 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 0 (1)

Other Traits

Merits Contracts
New Identity 2 (4) Darkness 4
Eidetic Memory 2 Dream 1
Resources 2
Court Goodwill (Autumn) 1
Health 8
Willpower 6
Wyrd 2
Glamour 11, 2 per turn
Clarity 7
Size 5
Speed 8
Defense 2
Armor 0
Initiative Mod 5


Talks to the Darkness (House Flaw)
* Your character speaks with the actual darkness (shadows, lightless areas, etc.) and it responds. You gain extra experience when this flaw causes you problems.


Motley Pledge (Changeling, pg. 188)
* Type: Vow
* Tasks: Alliance, Greater (-3, All)
* Boons: Adroitness ( + 1, all — Subterfuge), Blessing, Medial ( + 2, all — New Identity)
* Sanction: Poisoning of Boons, Greater (-3, poisoning both Adroitness and Blessing boons)
* Duration: Year and a day (+3)
* Invocation: 1 Willpower (all)

Seeming Blessing

Just as the shadows that infect them, the Darklings are as ephemeral and flighty as the dark itself. A player can spend Glamour to increase dice pools that include Wits, Subterfuge and Stealth — each point of Glamour increases one dice pool by one point. The character also gains the benefit of the 9 again rule on Stealth dice pools.

Seeming Curse

Darkness and twilight so define these Changelings that their magic falters somewhat when the sun is in the sky (that is, not at night or at twilight). Darklings suffer a -1 die penalty to all rolls to enact Contracts during daylight hours. The penalty increases to -2 dice if the sun is directly visible to them.

Kith Blessing

Keys to Knowledge (Changeling, pg. 106)
* The Antiquarians know where to find lore ancient and modern and have a near-flawless memory for facts, trivial and not so trivial. Every Antiquarian receives the benefit of the 9 again rule on dice pools including Academics and Investigation. They may also spend a point of Glamour to gain the benefits of the Encyclopedic Knowledge Merit for one question. If the Antiquarian already possesses this Merit, he may spend one Glamour to add three dice to the roll.


It always starts with all of us standing in Arcadia, at an entrance into the hedge. It started with Johnathan, Jana, and Peter; but when we let Eric into our group, he joined into it also.
We all take off running into the hedge, everyone lets me take the lead, knowing that I can find our way out of here. A sense of pride overcomes me, knowing that these people who are so close to me actually trust me. While running through the hedge I make sure to look around for the others as much as possible.
The hedge starts off bright, just like it looks normally. But the further we run into the hedge, the darker it gets. After a ways I start to notice other vaguely human shapes running along side us, keeping pace no matter how much faster I try to run.
After a little ways and a lot of darkening, I look to my right to see Jana get grabbed up by one of the shadow people that have been following us. Pulled into the hedge, never to be seen again. I see red eyes glowing faintly on the thing that grabbed her.
A bit further I look to my left to see Eric get grabbed and pulled into the darkness of the hedge. I notice lightly colored skin on a head and two hands that seem to be together with no visible link.
A little further still, I look to my right again to see Johnathan being grabbed and pulled into the hedge. I try to scream to him but no sound leaves my mouth. The thing that grabbed him was the same thing that nabbed Jana, but this time I notice wings on it’s back.
And further still, I look to my left again and see the shape reach out of the hedge and grab Peter. Poor naive Peter, the one who seems to look to me the most. I try to reach out to him but my arms won’t break the motion that they are in from running. I notice this time why the second figure’s appendages seemed to be floating, it’s wearing all dark clothing and a long black coat that is flapping in the air behind him.
I finally reach the exit from the hedge, my way back to the world that we’ve all longed for so long. I turn and look behind me when I reach the door and see the two figures jumping out of the sides of the path at me. I notice that the two shapes that have been pursuing us, that have taken my friends from me, that stolen the ones I love; these monsters are me. One my human form, one my changeling form. They collide into me, entering my body as they do and knock me through the door, out of the Hedge. When the dust of my impact clears in the real world, I’m in a city, but this city isn’t ordinary, it’s all burning to the ground.
It’s at this time that I always wake up screaming.

Jason Spectre

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