Perchance to Dream

World of Darkness 4-29-12

The Wedding, pt 1...

At the end of the Winter season and the beginning of Spring, the Saints attended the wedding King Queen Jackie Snow had invited them to attend. Some of them took the more fantasy-oriented clothes she provided them, although Peter settled on a suit. When the group arrived, the atmosphere held a certain amount of tension—Jonathan felt it especially, with an intensity that implied an ongoing storm.

The group attempted to socialize over the course of the next two hours. Through their discussions, they found out that the wedding was between Todd White (a member of the Winter Court) and Aurora (a member of the Spring Court) in an attempt to lessen the bad blood between their respective Courts. Balor, a Cyclopean Ogre, thought that Aurora was a slut and Todd “deserved it”; most of the other attendees thought that Aurora was sweet and didn’t understand why she was settling down with Todd, as they rarely spoke. Many of the party-goers didn’t think that Todd was ready to settle down. (One of the Saints also overheard the fact that Parsimmon and Iolian hate each other, and don’t talk to each other.)

After two hours, the doors were thrown open and the glass windows of the ballroom shattered. Iolian, the Spring Queen, announced that Aurora had been murdered and that whoever could discover her murderer would be rewarded.

Jonathan, Peter, and Jason rushed off to the room of the murdered girl. The room stank of death, although there were no visible wounds on Aurora’s body. There were a number of romantic books, including a copy of Romeo and Juliet (which was bookmarked at the scene of Juliet’s suicide). Jason began searching the room immediately, much to the consternation of Aurora’s motley-mates, but they were somewhat mollified when he discovered her journal, a goblin-fruit beneath her bed that was the source of the death-stench, and a note begging the Queen to reconsider her decision. One of Aurora’s motley-mates named Parsimmon, the changeling responsible for the growth of local goblin fruits, and accused him of killing Aurora.

Meanwhile, Eric talked with King Warden, the ruler of the Winter Court. He is pushing for peace, and doesn’t believe that anyone in the Winter Court is involved with this killing. He “has his own investigators”, but didn’t name anyone. Jana attempted to discern more from the crowd, but her attempt was unsuccessful. The two left the ballroom and met up with Jonathan, Peter, and Jason just as they left the room. Jana went inside rather quickly in order to gather up Aurora’s cellphone, and also attempted to access her computer, although the attempt failed.

The group as a whole followed the directions they had been given to Parsimmon’s hollow. It was a massive garden, filled with vast, unmarked patches of goblin fruits. There were various Trinkets (so, minor Fae items) dangling from the trees. Jason walked through the garden while the others attempted to locate Parsimmon; Peter tried knocking at a toolshed, while the others tried knocking at a shack. Parsimmon was in the shack, but refused to let anyone in. Jonathan and Eric attempted to talk him down, and almost succeeded… until Peter threatened the man, saying that they wouldn’t leave if he didn’t give them the information they wanted. After that, no amount of coaxing could convince him to open the door, and he threatened them harm if they didn’t leave his property. Jason quickly stole a goblin-fruit that he believed to be similar to the fruit he’d found under Aurora’s bed and stuffed it into his pocket as they fled the scene. The group reformed at the ballroom, intent on telling the rulers of the Courts what they’d discovered, some of them filled with anger and frustration due to the setbacks they had encountered.



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