Perchance to Dream

Working for a Living

Almost a week later, the Motley has been chasing down personal pursuits. Jack attempted to cozy up to the Summer court, where he failed, and then moved on to the Autumn court, where he was more successful. Jonathan and Peter spent time hanging around the Summer court. Jason acquired Ornithine’s journal, which was heavily encoded. Jana began her week of labor for Satrap Shadow, which was going more difficult than she expected.

Jana had just been given a pair of boots, with no explanation for how to use them. She spent the greater part of the day trying to activate the boots. While she attempted to activated the boots the majority of the Motley was focused on decrypting Ornithine’s journal. Once the journal was translated a group effort began to research the boots on Jana’s feet. No concrete clues were found, but a method was uncovered that would allow Jana to turn those boots on. A small investment of Glamour turned the boots on and she became acutely aware of Jonathan and his vitals. She lunged at him, clawing and slashing for important points on his anatomy. As Jonathan ran out of the yard everyone tried to force Jana down.

The final verdict was that these were Boots of Ogre Slaying, and all haste was made to return them to Satrap Shadow. Upon removing the boots Jana immediately began to feel drained of energy, her fairy glamour was practically bleeding from her body. As Jana suffered the rest of the Motley began their own separate activities. Jack requested Peter’s help in running a con, which Peter made a point to refuse loudly. Jason was nose deep in the journal and Jonathan was nursing his wounds. Jack’s con made a little over $200, which he spent quickly on Roses and Chocolates, which were then sent to King/Queen Jackie Snow, with a poem signed by Peter Southwind.

Jana, suffering from the Glamour withdrawals, sought to sate herself at an all night diner. She was barely able to keep her spirits up until Jack arrived on scene to help her out. Weaving lies like a politician, he created an aura of sorrow withing the diner, which allowed Jana to feast. Several cups of coffee later, Jana survived her 24 hour burden and Jack drove her back to the freehold.



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