Perchance to Dream

Story Time

With some time on their hands the Motley decided to do some research to find out more about the “Hedge Explosion”. The Motley went on a trek through the courts for more information. At Jack’s request Jason took the Autumn Court, which Jack derogatorily called “Creeps”. The motley’s efforts lead only to realizing how much the Autumn court relied on Ornithine for their research. It was at this point that Jana recalled a fellow Winter courtier, Mr. Walter Splithorn. Walter is regarded throughout the Winter court as a master of old stories and hedge tales.

Walter lives alone in a gnarled old house on the outskirts of the freehold, his only visitor being Jana and her baked goods. Jack came off as disingenuous to the older changeling, as was locked out of the conversation. He, after being snubbed by Jana, and waiting for a while climbed into the car and attempted to change the registration. He failed in this endeavor and was caught by Jana and Jason red-handed. The group had gained a small amount of information thus far, but had run down every lead they had available.

During the course of the day Peter and Jonathan had hung around the Summer court, making friends and learning to box.



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