Perchance to Dream

Serving Time

Let's go to Prison!

Jonathan, surrounded by police and SWAT is arrested and taken to the State Police Station. Meanwhile the rest of the Motley try and come up with a daring plan to rescue him. Jack, feeling a little guilty for getting an acquaintance arrested, volunteered to try and spring Jonathan from the Police Station. Neither party was prepared, however, for what they would find in waiting for them at the Station. There, standing at the doorway was a cop, who just so happened to be Jonathan’s Fetch. A flicker of recognition crossed the Fetch’s eyes and the Motley had to act fast.

As soon as Jonathan had been booked, Jack entered the police station. He assumed the identity of the Castle owner, and tried to use charm to bust the big guy out of jail. Jack failed, and badly. A few moments later Jack was tossed into a holding cell and Jonathan was pulled into an interrogation room. After a brief work over by his Fetch, Jonathan was left alone, but not for long. Jack was tossed into the same room, and the observation camera was turned off.

Just outside of the station a panic had set in. Jana and Peter made a call to the King/Queen of the Spring Court, begging for help. A handful of minutes passed before the Satrap Shadow arrived, ostensibly to help. After a quick deal, which left Jana owing the Satrap a week of her time, a new rescue plan was hatched. Using Peter’s electrical proclivities the trio would release both Jonathan and Jack by shorting the computer system out, and erasing all evidence.

Jack and Jonathan were dealing with the angry Fetch as the Motley plotted their rescue. The Fetch,roiling in emotion, was manipulated, though with considerable effort, by Jack. He tricked the creature into compliance using a bizarre mix of tactics, which allowed Jonathan to beat some sense into the Fetch. Jana and Peter, masquerading as Department of Homeland Security agents, slipped into the building and successfully shorted out the computer system, while the Satrap helped Jonathan and Jack escape. The entire group headed for the Freehold as quick as possible.



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