Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream May 27th 2012

The group debated on what to tell the Spring and Winter courts, now that they had allowed Aurora to escape. In the end, they carefully crafted a tale: the Fae had killed Aurora and subsequently stolen her body in order to sow discord between the two courts.

When Queen Iolian was informed, she was livid. Absolutely L I V I D. King Warden was not pleased, but insisted that a peace accord be reached before they went seeking the Fae. There was a great deal of debate over who would marry whom, as there was no true successor to the Spring Court.

Jason suggested that Queen Iolian marry Todd White. She almost refused, but Jana pulled her to the side and pointed out that Todd White would be easily manipulated and therefor easily controlled. Iolian agreed, much to Todd’s dismay, and the rest of the wedding went smoothly. The Saints were VERY pleased to return home in the wake of the celebration.



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