Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream 7/8/2012

The Storm after the Calm

After the group ate their fill and rested for the night, they set out on various tasks. Jonathan attempted to find a token that would allow him to locate his fetch and, when that proved fruitless, decided to pool his money with Jana in an effort to purchase a car. Jack agreed to help them get a good deal if he could get a free month’s rent (although there was some negotiating before the price got settled upon). At the used car dealership, they found a vehicle that was in surprisingly good condition for the price the dealer was charging. Jack helped to negotiate the price down further, and got them some free perks into the bargain.

Jason, on the other hand, decided to visit Ornithine. When he couldn’t find her at the library, he checked her house—where the door swung open when he knocked. He walked inside, concerned for her safety, and discovered that while most of the house was in pristine condition, the kitchen table looked as if someone had been strapped to it and either tortured or butchered. He searched upstairs and found an address scrawled near her bedside. As he prepared to call for assistance, Nuada entered the house and strode toward him, practically emanating an aura of menace and intimidation. He told Jason that things were not as they seemed, and that Jason should leave without interfering. The implication was that if he did not, he would come to serious harm. Jason ran, and Nuada left for other parts….

After doing some research in the attempt to decipher what was going on (and discovering that the address he had found was that of Erie Castle), Jason called the Saints and informed them of what had transpired. The group was mutually horrified by such dire new, and drove out to Erie Castle with all due haste. Once there, they discovered that the entrance to the house seemed to reflect the Hedge state of the house and its normal state simultaneously. Everyone entered… and Jason and Jake found themselves firmly grounded in reality, while Jana and Jonathan found themselves standing in the Hedgehouse with no doorway to retreat through.



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