Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream 6-10-12

As the Spring Court came into its own, a game-playing scoundrel named Jack McQueen approached Jonathan to see if he’d be interested in fighting Enkidu as part of the Spring Festival. Jonathan agreed, and Jana volunteered herself to fight as well (although she was very insistent that she get a high percentage, and tried to talk Jack into giving her a solid 40% of the take).

Peter helped run a booth at the fair, and Jack oversaw many of the games; the others played the games until it was time for the fights to start. Jason took second place in a contest, and won a pair of glasses (the winner won a memory of a trip to Hawaii).

Peter was invited to watch the fights with King Queen Jackie Snow; he accepted, although her interest in him had begun to leave him wary. He witnessed Ornithine fight another changeling who was far larger than her. She won the fight handily, and came out of the ordeal with only broken glasses to indicate she was any worse for wear.

Jana was paired against a changeling with distinctive canine traits. Jana was strategic in her fight. She fought defensively at first, but began to take the offensive when she discovered she had an edge on her opponent. She hit harder and more often than her opponent, and indisputably came out the victor (although she did not, in fact, win by knockout).

When Jonathan’s fight came around, Jack patted him on the back (and enabled a contract of Hearth in order to give him an edge). He had good reason to do so; he had bet all of the money he’d earned thus far on Jonathan. Despite the aid, Jonathan seemed to have difficulty in his fight; his skewed perceptions caused Enkidu to seem bigger and more intimidating with every blow she landed. Although they initially took defensive postures, by the end of the fight both were going all out.

Enkidu finished the match with a massive blow that well and truly staggered Jonathan, although he managed to remain on his feet. Enkidu was declared the winner, and told Jonathan that if he learned to fight he’d do better next time. Many members of the Summer Court seemed less tense around Jonathan after seeing him get trounced by their champion.

As the evening’s events concluded, King-Queen Jackie Snow asked Peter why he seemed so uncomfortable. He explained, as politely as possible, that he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of them being more than friends. When Jackie asked why he kept accepting her invitations, he said he wanted to be polite. Needless to say, she was less than pleased.

The group decided to get a meal, and to treat Jack McQueen as well, since he’d lost $1200 betting on Jonathan and had been gracious enough to organize everything in the first place. Jack pickpocketed some people on his way out.



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