Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream 4-15-2012

Upon the Saints’ return to the Freehold, they turned Blind Alice and the bizarre creation she had brought to life over to the Court. They were asked to testify and help to decide the fate of both individuals. Everyone but Eric wanted to allow the creature to live; Jason and Jonathan even volunteered their home as a potential place for it to be kept.

Blind Alice claimed to have no memory of the events that had led to the creation of the creature. As they had previously experienced something similar when Jason offered the temporary use of his body as trade for the manufacturing of a weapon, the group sympathized with her (some of them reluctantly). They felt it be best that she be allowed to stay at the Freehold, but to be kept under surveillance until such time as it was felt she could be trusted. They even offered to help watch her, but Lady Miss Pity felt it would be better for them to leave themselves open for other tasks.

In the end, the Courts decided to follow through on both of their decisions. King Queen Jackie Snow pulled the group aside afterward and asked if they would be interested in attending a wedding in a few weeks’ time, as “she” could not attend and it would give them the opportunity to gain more contacts (and, potentially, allies) with Changelings from other Freeholds. The group accepted, although some were more enthused by the prospect than others; Peter and Jonathan, specifically, seemed less than comfortable with the idea.

Over the next two weeks, the group worked on settling issues and falling back into something akin to routine:

Jason tried to pawn off the golden apple he had stolen, but the assessment was far too low for his tastes, so he decided to keep it.

Peter asked around the Freehold about nature activists and someone who would be willing to teach him to fight. He even asked King Tom of the Grotto and King Queen Jackie Snow, neither of whom was very receptive to either question. Peter also gave his apple to King Queen Jackie Snow, who was flattered, to say the least. In the end, Jonathan volunteered to help Peter learn to fight.

Jana felt guilty about having taken her ruby, and talked with Jonathan about it. He recommended that she talk with Blind Alice about it, as she might not remember it existed, but then again she might very much want it back. Jana decided to keep it and think on the matter, for the time being.

Jonathan attempted to search out information regarding his fetch, but in the end he discovered that the person he had been doing copious amounts of research on had no relation to him. The Jonathan Stone in question was, in fact, Asian. He also confronted Enkidu in an attempt to help work past their bumpy starts and her dislike of the way they’d helped to fulfill the Childrens’ Contract. …He ended up starting another fight with her, instead. She soundly trounced him, and said that doing the wrong thing for the right reasons didn’t justify the wrongdoing.



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