Perchance to Dream

Everything Changes

After the groups got separated (Peter having been left in the real world with Jack and Jason), Jonathan and Jana began to explore the Hedge House, only to discover that various trees, plants and other landmarks had been removed wholesale, and that the door to the tower where they had initially discovered Nuada was completely gone. They began simply searching for a way out, but had very little luck in that regard for some time.

Meanwhile, Jack and Peter began to explore the Mundane House. After a bizarre incident where Peter’s electrical armor began to power a lightbulb (which, in fact, bled through to the fae realm and caused Jonathan and Jana some sincere discomfort), the two discovered Ornithine—who was no longer Ornithine. She had been taken apart and reconstructed into a creature just like Nuada, and now went by the name Carol Lewis. She was destroying the supports for the house, and demanded that the two help her. They politely refused, deigning simply to watch and question her. In the end, Jack called the police and told them he had heard explosions.

In the Hedge House, Jonathan and Jana eventually discovered Nuada, who told them they needed to leave and led them to a door—from whence they could clearly see Carol. Jonathan promptly attacked Nuada, demanding to know what he had done, and stopped only when he realized Nuada was not fighting back with his full strength. Jonathan and Jana crossed back into the main house and Nuada closed the door behind them.
Jonathan had a gut feeling that things were not as they appeared; the wyrd in Erie Castle was far more active than it had been previously, far wilder than was natural. When the rest of the group made to leave, he insisted on staying… And Jack and Peter failed to inform him that they had called the police.
It wasn’t long before police and a massive SWAT team surrounded the house, demanding that everyone come out with their hands up. When Nuada and Carol simply continued with their work, Jonathan surrendered in an effort to buy them time. It was not, however, enough. The team went in, guns were fired, and Nuada staggered outside before collapsing to the ground. As he died, plantlife burst into bloom all around him and the castle quickly became covered in vines. Jonathan watched, helpless from a squadcar, as what looked like a massive part of Hedge grew into the mortal world before his very eyes.



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